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Whatsapp Video Calling Feature Availability

whatsapp video calling

Whatsapp Video Calling

Finally, after a long wait and on huge demand, Whatsapp has released an updated version with Video calling feature. Whatsapp Video Calling feature will change the way of social media communication with more interactive conversation and ability to connect people over the video. This feature was officially announced on Tuesday 15th November’16 and now already rolled out on Android and iPhone play stores.

Whatsapp Video Calling feature will be fun and better connected because at times sending just text or voice message are not enough to express yourself.  It’s always exciting and contentment to watch your near and dear with their expressions while interacting with us. Those precious moments are priceless.

How to get this feature working for you –

Ideally, it will be made available for all users gradually on the different cycles depend on the load on servers and users update preferences. However, if you are excited and want to use this feature just now, you need to follow the given steps to get it active for you –

  • Open Google Play Store and find for WhatsApp
  • Scroll down towards the bottom of the page
  • In the section that says Become a beta tester tap on I’M IN
  • Confirm on the next screen and wait for a few minutes
  • Come back to WhatsApp listing page on Google Play
  • You should see an option to Update WhatsApp to beta version
  • Update the app

Here’s how to make a Whatsapp video call within WhatsApp:

  • Open WhatsApp (of course!)
  • Go to the Contacts tab
  • Find and tap the contact you want to initiate a WhatsApp video call with
  • Tap on the phone icon towards the top of the screen
  • From the popup choose Video call

That’s all your Whatsapp Video Calling is enabled and activated. Thanks !


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